MATtam 24

Manto Arte Temporanea | Temporary Art Manto
short exhibitions in found spaces

Isolo17 Gallery | Piazza Isolo 17 | Verona

Carmengloria Morales

Fino a quando il quadro mi manda via

Saturday November 8 2014
only between 5:00 and 7:00 PM

The first act is to select the space onto which to paint. Shape and dimensions of the stretcher. I stretch the canvas on the stretcher. I use a brush the width of which is like the opening of my hand. I fabricate my paint. I proceed adding one color at a time. Every adding of paint is final. I continue to add, layering paint over paint until the painting sends me away.

Carmengloria Morales was born in Santiago, Chile, 28 June 1942. Lives in Italy since 1953. Starts painting in 1961. She has had studios in Rome, Milan, London, paris and New York. Now lives and works in the country in the Northern region of Lazio.

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