MATtam 43

Manto Arte Temporanea | Temporary Art Manto
short exhibitions in found spaces

Cantine del Palazzo Beccaguti Cavriani | Via Mazzini 34 | Mantova

Donatella Franchi

Art and care

Saturday February 16 2019
only between 3:30 and 5:30 PM

Two Installations

Women with wings (2011-2018 work in progress): the foreign women who work caring for our homes carry an invisible baggage. This piece of mine consists of a few boxes in which are placed "little wing shoes", some writings and other things that form a portrait of each of the three women who have assisted my mother. One part is devoted to Shahrazad, in the version of Fatema Mernissi.

To Clotilde (2011) is a book of photographs. (…) in which I alternate my mother's hands with those of women created by women artists of the 1500's.

Donatella Franchi has participated in exhibitions of Artist Books in Italy but especially in the US. Some of her works are included in the collection of the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence CT, USA) and in the Washington Museum of Women in the Arts. She has published several essays on the artistic practices by women. Lives and works in Bologna.

Like a precious dialogue of traces, the lightness of forms and the grace of signs reach secret correspondences that flow beyond the apparent elegy of proximity. Donata Negrini

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