MATtam 4

Manto Arte Temporanea | Temporary Art Manto
short exhibitions in found spaces

Palazzo Costa Vivaldini Carra | Via Grioli 46 | Mantova

Sandra Binion

Dialoghi imprevisti

Sunday June 26 2011
only between 5:30 and 7:30 PM

My process starts with walking, searching and experiencing - on city streets, gardens, beaches, and countryside. Interiors and exteriors. I find such things as berries drying on their stems, fading flowers, a flattened magnolia pod, wooden fragments, worn fabrics and used balloons. What appeals to me in these objects is that the world has used them - they are discarded, disintegrating, discovered and then - re-purposed.
This creates our unpredictable dialogue.
The desire to interact with these objects brings me to painting as I try to reach for their essence with my essence. The gesture corporal. I use tube watercolor and aqua oil from the makers Fragonard and Van Gogh. No color is used directly from the tube. I mix instinctively using 3 or 4 pigments to achieve the desired shade – with an abundance of water. I juxtapose background shapes and color fields with foreground details. The works can incorporate multiple combinations of text, shape and painted fragment, as well as the single botanic specimen as icon. Some works are directly inspired by obscure details found in Renaissance paintings.I also explore shapes utilizing the white conté crayon as a drawing tool -- with an overlay of both bright and muted watercolor washes and at times with the added texture of my fingertips pressed into the wet color. The resist of the crayon gives an impression of a woodcut. I utilize the drip as both punctuation and mentor -- which also can be seen as gravity’s participation. I am inspired by the works of painters Cy Twombly, Luc Tuymans and Bronzino.

Sandra Binion è un'artista interdisciplinare. Crea mostre multimediali nelle quali sono combinate installazioni video, pittura e fotografia certe volte ritoccata con pittura. Dal 1978 ha presentato oltre 40 performances, installazioni ed esposizioni in numerosi festival, in gallerie, musei e teatri negli USA, in Canada e in Europa. Conta tra i suoi titoli di studio un BFA in Danza dell'Università di Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, e un MFA in Produzione Cinematografica della School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ha ricevuto diversi premi. Il suo progetto più recente è stato Botanica presentato nel maggio del 2011 nel chiostro della chiesa romanica dell'anno mille di Baggiano Castello (PT). Vive e lavora a Chicago con suo marito, l'artista del suono Lou Mallozzi.

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