MATtam 38

Manto Arte Temporanea | Temporary Art Manto
short exhibitions in found spaces

Il Cubo | Via XX Settembre 31 | Mantova


In the light of what I see

Saturday June 3 2017
only between 5:30 and 7:30 PM

"The works presented are embracing the idea of architectural form as a experienced space rather then a mathematical space. These works are engaging in a dialogue about focused and peripheral vision, about light as essence and its ephemeral quality, about the physical act of seeing and mental perception. The materials I mainly use are industrial materials - like aluminium, MDF-board, wood and oil-based paints. The color tones of the paints are usually pre-mixed according to my choice. The parts are cut by a professional. As I assemble them I find their desired spacing and reflections."

Tilman was born in 1959 in Munich, Germany, where he completed his studies in art and design. After living in Berlin, Paris, New York & Brussels he currently lives & works in Nice, France & Dolceacqua, Italy. He integrates his artistic activity with curatorial tasks he considers to be part of his art. His exhbitions are too many to enumerate. Here are the latest.

Single show

"Au HasardC", Villa Balthazar, Valence (FR)

"RunRunRun", Villa Arson, Nice (FR)
"On Paper", Minus Space, Brooklyn,NY (USA)
"The Image is in Your mind",RaygunLab, Toowoomba (AUS) / solo
Alexandra Mawson Gallery, Toowoomba (AUS) / solo

"Reflektorium", 13th Biennele de Lyon/Resonance, Lyon (FR) /solo
"Sculpture&Architecture", Fdtn. Villa D`Atris, Ile-sur-la Sorgue (FR)

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